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For the week of: 6/18/2017 (Current)

Period D: Information Technology
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Date Due Assignment Assigned
Sunday, 6/18    
Monday, 6/19    
Tuesday, 6/20    
Wednesday, 6/21    
Thursday, 6/22    
Friday, 6/23    
Today Saturday, 6/24    
Resources: Coupon Maker Lesson
Resources: Create your own website
Resources: Stop Cyberbulling
Resources: Resources: 
  1. Create astonishing presentations live and on the web
  2. SAT Question of the Day
  3. This Day In History
  4. Glencoe's Online Keyboarding
  5. Power Keyboarding - Test your speed
  6. Improve your Typing Skill
  7. Fair Use Quiz
  8. Design a T-Shirt
  9. Keyboarding Games
  10. Check this out
  11. Googles Docs
  12. Library Database Resources
  13. Information Technology Resources
  14. Online PowerPoint Tutorial
  15. Credible Sources Virtual Graphic Organizer
  17. Create a book using Flipsnack

Resources: Scratch

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